Alyssa Mannina Mansfield was born and raised in New Iberia before moving to Baton Rouge to study marketing at LSU.  After graduating from LSU, she opened Swoon Boutique New Orleans in early 2016 and has enjoyed growing and knowing her clients – from their personal style to their personal goals. Since then Alyssa has opened her second location along with business partner Natalie Decourt Guillory in Lafayette, LA.  

Alyssa enjoys providing trendy and affordable pieces to women in all stages of life.  Alyssa believes everyday is a celebration and wants to help you celebrate in style!    Alyssa is married to fellow-Lakeview business owner Scott Mansfield. They are the proud parents of two baby boys - Millard (Mills) and Truett (Tru) - and little pup, Lolli (Maltese). In their free time they enjoy traveling the world and spending time outdoors. 

Scott and Mills MansfieldAlyssa and Scott Mansfield

Mills MansfieldAlyssa Mansfield and Natalie DeCourt Guillory